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Triple International Award win for Barry Island Spirits

Barry Island Spirits Co received three awards in this years Gin Guide Awards which showcases and celebrates the exceptional products, distilleries and people within the gin industry.

The Gin Guide Awards are an independent and worldwide celebration of the historic, diverse and growing gin industry. Widely recognised and highly respected by the trade and consumers across the world. With hundreds of entries from over 30 countries, the 2022 awards were incredibly competitive, with winners requiring consistently high scores from the Judges across the category's key characteristics.

Barry Island Pink Dry Gin was named a winner in the Flavoured Gin category. Up against gins from Austria, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Scotland and England, judge's praised Barry Island Pink Gin. The scoring Welsh gin in the flavoured gin category, judges said it had a "Light berry sweet nose. Very delicate and inviting"

"Really well balanced, the appearance is excellent. Herbaceous and bright. Not overly sweet and stands out from samey fruity flavoured gins. Excellent lengthy palate, the combination of botanicals work extremely well together."

Barry Island Welsh Dry Gin picked up a Highly Commended award in the Traditional Gin Category and was also the highest scoring Welsh gin in the category. Judges said Barry Island Dry Gin has a "Lovely balance of sweet and slightly savoury on the palate. Fresh orange citrus start, moving delicate roots and ending with a smooth green juniper - A lovely flavour journey."

"Outstanding smooth mouthfeel. No harshness and a clean and citrus finish. Very good flavour combinations, an excellent gin all round."

Barry Island Spirits Co was also named a winner in the Design & Branding category on the 2022 Gin Guide Award. The Category recognises brands that have most successfully and consistently achieved their design and branding objectives, with strong concepts and personality, aesthetic appeal, identity and identifiability, audience suitability, brand development that goes beyond the bottle, and proven impact and success.

The new Barry Island Spirits range bottles launched in October 2021 and has received high praise from Trade customers who say the new design has resulted in increased customers sales due to their eye catching nature and increased brand recognition.

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