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Cocktail Hour: Barry Island Blush Recipe

It's the season of love. We've just celebrated Dydd Santes Dwynwen (the Welsh Patron Saint of Lovers whose day is celebrated on 25 January) and faster than a flying cupids arrow we're into Valentine's day territory.

There's also hints that Spring is on the way. The evenings are getting a little lighter, the air a little warmer and there's signs of new life in our garden. Even the earliest wild strawberry plants are starting to show green shoots which has us longing for warmer days as well giving us a little ginspiration for our Valentine's Day cocktail recipe.

The recipe for our Barry Island Blush uses apple and strawberry juice from fellow Welsh producers Flawsome - each 250ml bottle of Flawsome's apple and strawberry juice saves 2 apples and 5 strawberries from going to waste so not only is it delicious but it's great for the environment too. Being cold pressed we find the flavour of this juice is beautifully fruity and balanced so it's a great mixer for spring and summer drinks.

This recipe is super simple to make because, lets be fair, this time of year should be about enjoying time and experiences with your loved one rather than faffing with cocktail shakers and foaming bitters! However if you did want to add some extra flair to this recipe, a garnish of strawberries or adding some strawberry dust around the lip of the glass would make a lovely addition. However, we've kept it simple with a slice of lemon.

This recipe is also very easy to batch make so if you're celebrating with your galentines why not make up a pitcher of this (and maybe reduce the amount of lemonade and add some prosecco instead...!)

Barry Island Blush Recipe

You'll need:

  • 50ml Barry Island Gin

  • 50ml apple and strawberry juice

  • 50ml lemonade (or 25ml lemonade and 25ml Prosecco...!)

  • Lemon to garnish (or strawberries if you have them)

Simply pour all the ingredients into your glass and give them a gentle stir to blend them together. Add a couple of cubes of ice and garnish to finish.

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