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Barry Island Gin is an award-winning clean, fresh Welsh Dry Gin.


Distilled using the purest Welsh water, our unique blend of botanicals has been thoughtfully hand-crafted to deliver the perfect balance of juniper, citrus and spice.


Barry Island Gin delivers a fresh quartet of blood orange, lime, juniper and thyme on the nose. Subtle spice notes elevate the citrus to deliver a rounded taste that is clean, fresh and bright.

Our Welsh gin is best served over ice with an Indian tonic and slice of lime. Iechyd da!

ABV: 40%

Size: 70cl

* Great Taste Awards 2021 winner *

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Winner of a Great Taste Award 2021

Praise for Barry Island Gin

Barry Island Gin and tonic

"A beautifully balanced gin, fine for sipping over ice, but equally at home with a dash of tonic and slice of orange. There's a delightfully soft aromatic lead on the nose. Orange is dominant, but backed up by bright, yet rounded spice notes.


“Love has gone into the making of this. Really well made. Great as a G&T or Martini base.

— Great Taste Awards 2021 Judges' Feedback

Barry Island Welsh Gin

“Barry Island Gin was the perfect choice for our Gin of the Month. Its freshness, lime and blood orange aromas have made it a firm favourite with our guests.

It simply is one of the best gins we have come across for some time.”

— Lowri Jones, Head Sommelier at The Hinds Head in Bray - the Michelin starred pub run by world renowned experimental chef, Heston Blumenthal and part of The Fat Duck Group

"Juniper is paired with sweet sherbet on the nose and hints of orange and peppery  hues (the latter coming from the alcohol I think, rather than pepper botanicals). Smooth with licks of sweetness, pleasant grippy, eau de vie style tannins and fresh acidity. Warming to finish with more orange notes now and some warming spice. I'm sure even with tonic this would be marvellous but for me this is martini grade gin.  Good stuff!!"

— Ben Franks, FRSA

Barry Island Gin bottle and glass.JPG

"Soooo good. Barry Island Gin sets out to use the freshest botanicals and using only the purist welsh water!


A true Welsh gem here... using a blend of botanicals that aims to give the perfect balance of juniper, citrus and spice!"

— Smile There's Gin, Instagram

Barry Island Gin Negroni

Meet our Gin Botanicals


Juniper Berries

The vital component in gin and the dominant element to Barry Island Gin. These delivery notes of pine needles, freshly cut wood and dry spice. Juniper berries must be present and perceptible in order for a spirit to legally be called gin. Barry Island Gin is 55% juniper dominant



A classic combination, thyme brings out and balances the bittersweet citrus flavours of the blood orange and lime. Providing warming floral notes to Barry Island Gin. The end result is classic and classy.


Blood Orange

Fresh and zesty, blood orange delivers a rounded sweetness with a smooth crisp taste and a powerful citrus aroma.


One of the primary ingredients of Barry Island Gin it's like pure summer sun for your taste buds.



Coriander seeds deliver savoury lemon citrus and a soft Asian spice.
Cardamom brings a sweet, spicy flavour that perfectly complements juniper and coriander whilst lifting the gin's citrus notes.
Grains of Paradise give our gin depth of flavour and offer a piney aroma and a warm, peppery taste


Fresh Lime Peel

Morish and deeply refreshing, the fresh lime peel in Barry Island Gin delivers a clean, fresh citrus bite to balance the rounded, almost floral blood orange notes